Saturday, 3 September 2016

That Greece Trip -I

Greece in 2009 -Mycenae

Having done Egypt to our satisfaction in 2007, we decided to "do" Greece in 2009. Things were much better then, before the economic situation turned adverse for Greece in 2012. Greece not only has one of the oldest civilisations in the world, but  also one of the best preserved, in spite of the attacks by Persia, earthquakes, fires and so on. This may be due to the widespread use of marble in construction and the robust architecture. Within Greece, one of the oldest relicts of it s civilisation lies in Mycenae that goes back to about 1500 BC, times that are difficult to conceive of by people of the 21st century. There one may see great walls that were surely constructed by Cyclops (as the sayings go), for surely no human beings could have shifted those huge blocks of stone that are nearly two metres cube.

An idea of the walls may be had from the above picture of the famous "Lion Gate" leading to the citadel, the ruins of the palaces and burial places.
The museum at Mycenae is certainly worth a visit for then one can get a good idea about the wealth of that civilisation from the statues and figures, as also the jewellery and artefacts on show.

The museum has this "death mask" made of gold is said to be that of Agamemnon, who finds mention in the "Odessey" by Homer, as the brother of Menelaus and husband of Clytemnestra. He was the chief of the Greek forces that attacked Troy ( in northern Turkey) after Helen (wife of Menelaus) had been induced by Paris  to join him at Troy.

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