Saturday, 22 October 2016

Some more on Bastar

Thee was so much to see in Bastar in the 1970s, then a huge district all by itself in Madhya Pradesh. Now a part of Chhattisgarh, it has been split into several smaller districts. There were the Muria and Maria tribals each with their own distinctive dances and songs and life-styles. Thee villages were scattered amidst the hills and forests and one had mainly to walk from village to village carrying one's own rations to visit these places.
Strange to say, there were a number of temples in Bastar, such as in Dantewada, or Bara Dongar or Barsur, that spoke of an old non-tribal civilisation that had apparently flourished there at one time. This was apparently the Kakatiya dynasty from Warangal in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh who had migrated into Bastar due to wars.

This picture was taken at Barsur and shows the typical Andhra-style of temple architecture and sculptures. Most of these temples have fallen into disrepair or have just collapsed, with delicately carved columns and lintels ans sculptured pieces scattered about in the forests. 

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