Saturday, 23 December 2017

Kenya 2016

There was a very enjoyable trip to Kenya in October 2016. In a short trip of about 7 days we managed to see some of Kenya's finest wildlife areas, the Amboseli naional park, the Nakuru national park (once famous for its flamingo flocks) and of course, Masai Mara national park.
Though Amboseli is some distance from Nairobi, a four hour drive over rather bad roads, the views of Mount Kilimanjaro every morning and evening were exhilarating. Climate change seems to have considerably reduced the crown of snows that Kilimanjaro was once famous for; but it is still there. Wildlife was just great, especially the herds of elephants.
Nakuru was northwards, across the great Rift Valley (that is said to run from north of Ethiopia down practically to Tanzania). Due possibly to some geological changes over the last 8-10 years, the waters of Nakuru lake have deepened and that has put off the great flocks of flamingos that had once garlanded the lake. But the bird life is still quite good there besides sighting of the white rhino, wild buffalo and leopards.
Masai Mara is always exciting - one never knows what one would come across a jeep safari: perhaps a lion pride, or a huge herd of buffalo, or a large number of eland antelopes (quite rare), or a glimpse of a leopard creeping along a gully.

So try and go there some time and enjoy!

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